Another Tough Day In Coffee

Hey, most of my days are pretty damn good days, I mean, compared, or relatively speaking, or whatever. I get the bad days here and there, like everyone else, but bad days are rarely related to my job and when they are, well, it’s usually some petty stuff that is actually my fault and I can let it go in my sleep.

I work in coffee. Come on, how bad can it get? Recently, I was surrounded by 10,000 coffee people in Seattle and more than once I had to grab one of them by the face and say, “You work in coffee. How bad can it be?”

So, we’re good on the bad day thing, right? Now, let’s talk about a good day.

We have a partnership with Monday Night Brewing here in Atlanta. What I mean by this is they used our coffee for a cask coffee IPA over a year ago and it went well. Recently, they let us know they wanted to do it again, but step it up, do kegs and 22 ounce bottles and put our logo on the bottle and, yes, I pinched myself.

Tasting commenced, tasting of coffee and tasting of beer and palates wagging about the finer points of…palatey things. We settled on a coffee, we settled on a roast profile. Boom. The first batch was brewed, everybody loved loved loved it.

Which brings me to today. At 10 this morning I arrived at the brewery and my friend and colleague Ren Doughty arrived also with a certain poundage of coffee and we watched as our coffee was added to beer, which included: Tasting the beer before the coffee was added. Tasting a previous batch, you know, for comparison. Tasting the beer as it came out of the filter where coffee was present. Tasting the beer as it came out of the tank. Tasting a previous batch, again, for comparison. Tasting a porter…because it was there and there was a glass and a spout. And, finally, tasting a previous batch because I was being interviewed for a video for a beer blog.

It just plum wore me out. Tough tough day.

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