Business Is Mental (A)

The ABC’s They Didn’t Teach You at Muncie College of Business Administration*

*But might be teaching you now if this is a textbook for a class you’re currently taking at Muncie College of Business Administration.

A is for Apple

The first lesson we learn in school and the first letter in the alphabet reminds us to begin at the beginning and do first things first. This is a commonly conveyed life lesson but it is more important in business than it is in life. In business, to begin anywhere other than the beginning is to risk putting the cart before the horse and few things are as detrimental in business as putting the cart before the horse. Counting your eggs before they are hatched may be worse in the long run than putting the cart before the horse, but in terms of public disgrace, having a cart with a horse behind it is far more embarrassing to your brand than is making a poor estimate as to the number of eventual chickens.

Think about it: Horses love apples. 

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