Business Is Mental (D)

The ABC’s They Didn’t Teach You at Muncie College of Business Administration*

*But might be teaching you now if this is a textbook for a class you’re currently taking at Muncie College of Business Administration.

D Is for Damn The Luck

Not everything in business is under your control. Some things are outside your control, either over, under, or left or right of your control. The experienced business leader understands that control is three dimensional, but reality is made of five senses. If we do the math, we understand that 40% of everything is left to fate. If things go your way six out of ten times, you’re are doing pretty well. The rest of the time, you have to say, “Damn the luck.”

Think about it: We can see, feel, smell, taste, and hear, but we are not born with 3D glasses.

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