Business Is Mental (F)

The ABC’s They Didn’t Teach You at Muncie College of Business Administration*

*But might be teaching you now if this is a textbook for a class you’re currently taking at Muncie College of Business Administration.

F Is For Firehose

In business, we spend a lot of time putting out fires, which means fixing things that go unexpectedly wrong, like a fire is an unexpected wrong thing almost always, except to the person who sets the fire in the case of arson. Every organization has arsonists inside and outside who set intentional fires and clumsy people who set unintentional fires. Most of the time, the fire will intentionally or unintentionally overwhelm a manager and make the manager feel like they are “drinking from a fire hose.” But remember when you were young and drank from the garden hose and the water went up your nose? That was really uncomfortable. Trying to drink from a fire hose is a lot like that, except the water pressure from a fire hose can remove your eyeballs from your head.

Think about it: Instead of trying to drink from the fire hose, turn the hose on the arsonist, but not on the clumsy person, because they can’t help it.  

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